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I know that somewhere in here, I’m going to need to save and load JSON files. Godot has its own JSON parser, but I feel like that’s probably better suited for use within scripts, and it marries my C++ code to Godot in a way that will make it hard to iterate and test. To that end I’m just using Godot to load the file and read it into a string. Once I have the string containing the JSON, I can parse it myself with RapidJSON. In my standalone test program, I can just hand RapidJSON a string or I can load the file normally. What’s going in these JSON files, you ask? Uh…something? It’s going to be my save format for game data, but I imagine there will also be a few other places where I don’t necessarily want to hard code data. At any rate, I figured I best get it out of the way before continuing, as it’s pretty crucial to several other things.

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