Jaybill McCarthy is a male human being that inhabits a farm in a somewhat rural area not terribly far from Portland, Oregon. He is married to one Erin McCarthy. They have one child who is reportedly super great.


Jaybill primarily makes his living writing software. In his storied twenty plus year career, he’s worked on everything from embedded systems to enterprise middleware. He’s worked in a wide variety of industries, from book publishing to marketing and advertising to fintech. In recent years he’s been focusing on web applications, especially those written with React and Angular with a host of different backend architectures, including Node, Go, Kotlin/Java and this one time, .NET. He’s also an experienced C developer.

As a systems analyst, Jaybill has a keen ability to distill complex business requirements into usable specifications for engineering managers, developers and customers. He goes well beyond the basic “boxes and arrows with acronyms” bit and can do everything from defining actors to wireframes to ER diagrams and specs.

He’s also an excellent tech evangelist and developer advocate who excels at distilling complex technologies down to their key advantages for both developers and end users. He can do everything from writing blog posts to talks at conferences in support of a given technology.

Probably his favorite thing to do is mentor junior developers. He’s been in this business for a long time and has learned a lot, and he loves to share what he’s learned with other people. He’s been a highly supportive, encouraging and respectful mentor to many developers that have gone on to do great things.

If you’re interested in working with Jaybill, he’s generally interested in full-time employment at the senior or staff level. Feel free to contact him via email at heybill@jaybill.com if you think you have something that might interest him. You can also download a résumé.


When Jaybill isn’t working, he has a wide variety of interests. He loves making things. At various times throughout his life, he’s composed and recorded music, made films, built furniture, turned bowls, restored old cars, built scale models and replica movie and television props. He has accumulated a wide variety of skills that include woodworking and turning, CAD, 3D printing, auto repair and body work, still photography, filmmaking, moldmaking and casting and electronics. He has a nice big three car garage that he’s converted into his workshop, and he’s rarely happier than when he’s out there making a mess.

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