Recruitment Policy

Hello! I'm glad you've made it this far and are interested in considering me for a job opportunity. I'm really very grateful.

I am fortunate to work in a field where my skills and experience are in high demand. I get a lot of emails from recruiters. Unfortunately, this means I have to place some pretty strict requirements on how I deal with recruitment correspondence and the job interview process itself.

I have received feedback that this document causes me to appear arrogant or self-possessed. I assure you I am neither. I just don't want to waste your time or mine, so I want to get all of this stuff out of the way first instead of as part of a lengthy interview process. While this may seem unusual, I'm sure you've got policies about who you hire, so it's not unreasonable that I should have policies about who I work with.

  1. If you have a position you think I might be interested in (see below) feel free to send a single email to That's it. If I'm interested I'll respond. Do not call me, do not “follow up” on your single email. Never, ever, ever, send me a text message. Failure to comply with this very simple policy will place you on my permanent blacklist. Yes, unfortunately I'm forced to maintain such a list.
  2. This is what I see of your email:

    As you can see, there's very little room in there. Make it count. If you can't get across what kind of job this is in that space, I'm probably not opening your email. The name of your company, the word “urgent” in all caps or a creative subject line are all things that are taking up your precious character count and aren't telling me anything about the job.
  3. If you'd like to get a sense of my coding skills and style, feel free to peruse my GitHub account. I'm happy to answer questions and talk through any of that code. I do not do “coding exercises” that involve spending hours or days writing throwaway code for free.
  4. I don't do “whiteboard interviews” that involve writing code or solving puzzles on a whiteboard. These waste time and don't give you any useful information about my abilities.
  5. I do not answer lists of “screening questions”. I have a long history of easily verifiable successes as a developer to my name, please don't waste my time or yours by making me type out the difference between call() and apply() or asking me how to write a binary sort.
  6. I will not sign an NDA before talking to you.

Still reading? Great! Now that we've got that out of the way, here are my deal-breaking, non-negotiable job requirements. If you have a position that meets all of the following criteria, let's talk about it!

  1. I work exclusively remotely with little or no travel. This applies to all organizations, including those in my home market of Portland, Oregon. Any travel must be paid for by the organization, preferaably in advance.
  2. As of this writing, the absolute lowest annual salary I would consider is $140K a year.
  3. Your organization must offer family-friendly health insurance and at least three weeks of paid time off annually, beginning with the first year of employment.
  4. My resume has a long list of skills and technologies on it. I am currently interested in either OS-level or embedded development in C. That said, my specialty has been front-end web development work with React or Angular and backend web development work with Java, Kotlin, Node.js and Go, and I'd still consider positions involving these technologies.
  5. Any job offers must include a clear and fair severance policy.
  6. If your business model involves selling development services to clients for their projects, I am not interested.
  7. If your organization is in the marketing or communications industry, I am not interested.
  8. Your organization must have clearly stated and aggressively enforced policies that make your workplace safe, fair and inclusive of women, minorities and LGBTQI people.